Dr. Jeffery Chapman

Dr. Jeffery Chapman
An unquenchable passion for helping people is the mark of a man destined for greatness. Dr. Jeffery Chapman is such a man. His heartbeat is to connect every person to God and one another. He serves humanity through his untiring compassion to build others, coupled with his skillful sharing of the timeless truths of God’s eternal Word. Dr. Chapman is a builder who labors in the vineyard, teaching others how to deepen spiritually, worship generously and live victoriously! His proclamation style is charismatic and wealthy with practical and transformative truths that help people unlock their inner greatness! The wisdom Dr. Chapman shares helps his listeners make the changes necessary to shift their mindsets and gain lasting success.

Session: City Transformation

True transformation comes when we embrace the concept of wholeness (spirit, soul and body); when the local church is “whole”, it’s members are discipled to live “whole”, thus further impacting their families and communities, and finally the city at large.Effective church leadership teaches its members to be balanced and successful in every aspect of life: family, finances, health, career, etc. When we model how to accurately apply Biblical principles, we will see change in the lives of individuals. This change then empowers us to be productive outside the four walls of thechurch. As we’re plugged into the community, others will be drawn to this “wholeness”, essentially allowing them to see Christ working in our lives. We’llthen be able to transform our city in a relevant way.


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June 15, 2018